D-Pac field trials

We at D-Pac are very happy to see that more and more organisations are interested in testing the Open source D-Pac platform (https://github.com/d-pac). As you can see, in the table below we have run a variety of assessments in diverse applications in the education and HR sector.

In each of these assessments, the organisation that we work with gets the opportunity to find out what assessments through Comparative Judgement can mean for them in a hands-on way. The deal is that we provide the hosted software and advice on how to set it up and run the system for free, while the organisation that hosts the assessment provides us with the research data we need to contribute to the advancement of the knowledge on Comparative Judgement and the tools that support it.

Competence Domain Assessees Assessors Reliability
1 Argumentative writing Education 135 High-school students 68 Teachers and teachers in training 0.81 average
2 Writing formal letters Education 12 High-school students 11 Teachers in training 0.68
3 Mathematical problem solving Education 58 High-school students 10 mathematics teachers + 4 mathematics teachers in training 0.80 average
4 Capability of visual representation in the arts domain Education 11 High-school students (147 representations) 13 teachers 0.85
5 Interpreting statistical output using peer-evaluation Education 44 Master students 33 Master students 0.80
6 CV-screening Human resources 42 candidates 7 HR professionals 0.88
7 Self-reflections Education 22 Master students 9 teachers 0.75
8 Project proposals 6 projects 5 judges 0.71

Besides the domains of education and human resources, we are also very curious to find out what other applications could exist for Comparative Judgement. For example, would it be useful in A/B testing in the marketing or IT development domain and would it be interesting as an alternative voting mechanism in for example TV shows?

To conclude, there could be a range of applications for the D-PAC tool that we have not yet thought of, so we are looking for ideas on how we could expand the impact of our tool.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in testing D-PAC in your own context and together we can find out how we can help each other: d-pac@uantwerpen.be


The D-PAC team